Tamedia Hackdays

List of Planned Hacks

Name Summary
20min Flash Cards Extract data from 20min german artices and create flashcards for learning german
Beam Me Up Stream processing with the Apache Beam Framework to move data around and do smart things
Branch based translations A web or electron app for translations with git integration
FeelGoodDashboard Tamedia Dashboard with relevant and non-relevant work information together
GoodbyeCardApp An online tool to collect, organize and layout hand-written sentimental messages
HomeRunner Easter Egg Game for the homegate.ch iOS App
WHOIS bot for slack for TA people search Since the first day I'm personally frustrated by the intranet search for people (only). Time to change this!
PoliticalPartyAgreementCalculator Question and Answer form to calculate agreement with political parties
Project One One App To Rule Them All
Sell your car in only four steps This involves OCR and other fun things!
TIMDER Connecting travelers with others in order to encourage social interaction and reduce people starring at their phone (name similarity to any brand is pure coincidence)
WhatWorldThinks We take stories from CNN, DW, RT and Al Jazeera. Extract entities like persons, organizations, locations,... then we check if it has positive or negative treatment in particular newspaper.
You can't touch this (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh) E-Field gesture recognition used to control TV without touching anything
Lunchbot A slack bot to organise lunch dates between random people in a slack channel
Marina A simple container scheduler with some batteries included.
mentoringapp A mentors directory with a possibility to find a meeting slot
pingcat Combining Pingdom with Cats
searchSubscriptionIntent Offer user to check for new SearchSubscription arrivals with by asking Siri
spark Select the best performing image for my listing
utor Live chat with Tutti sellers

Hints for Adding Your Hack